SOX – the new security standard

Sock security has been troubling me for a long time. Endless sundays I have spent with the fight against the single sock syndrom. But those days are over. Thanks to a colleague I have discovered sockstar, the revolutionary tool to improve the lower department of your wardrobe-BCM – a simple thing that just does what it should, if you manage to integrate it into your business processes… [end of commercial]


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Sven Türpe is a computer scientist. His current research focus is on security engineering methods, techniques, and tools. All opinions expressed in this blog are his own.

One thought on “SOX – the new security standard

  1. So instead of being busy searching the other sock you are now busy adding and removing clips. Well, nerds love to optimize the irrelevant.

    There is, by the way, an alternative solution to the same problem: buy 30 pairs of the same style.

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